At Cascade, we are developing a gene therapy approach to these common and deadly renal inflammatory diseases.

LN patients typically require long-term corticosteroids and immunosuppressants. This constitutes an unmet medical need for at least 750,000 patients in the US. Lupus patients will need up to 3 kidney transplants in their lifetime. Many cannot receive a transplant.

Statistically, 1 in 3 of the 37.3 million diabetics in the US will develop DN, a progressive and deadly disease. The cumulative death rate is nearly 20%, even with current treatments. Many are not eligible for a renal transplant, and many cannot withstand long term hemodialysis.

Cascade is developing Renalta™, a:
  once in a lifetime single-dose 
  lentivirus delivered
   complement depletion therapy
lentivirus incorporates permanently into the renal cell genome and Renalta is continuously secreted to protect the kidney